Pespisa’s Boston and Cambridge City Council endorsements

Vote today in Massachusetts

By Lauren Pespisa

I’m 31 and I live in Brighton. You may know me from when I co-hosted, The Young Jurks, or from long ago at Occupy Boston, or various other movements I’ve been involved with over the years. I’m also a working-class millennial with no savings, no property and no illusions about achieving “The American Dream”. This years municipal elections have been far more interesting than previous years, given that there’s actually diverse candidates running and having candid discussions about the big issue: The Rent!

Everyone I know is struggling, no one has any money, we keep getting priced out of our communities and for too long city council has just paid lip-service to “affordable housing” while encouraging greedy developers build luxury condos we’ll never step foot in. I’d like to see a group of candidates get elected form a coalition to repeal the ban on rent control, reject donations from developers and work together to stop displacement.

Every vote counts, all politics is local…this isn’t a civics class so here’s who I’m canvassing for, endorsing and voting for. 

Allston-Brighton D9:

Liz Breadon

I originally volunteered for Lee Nave Jr in the primaries and all of us from the “Nave Wave” always liked Liz. So we do a lot of volunteering for her now. She’s a community organizer too. She’s made it clear she’s going to fight for ordinary people and renters. She’s already formed groups to fight displacement, been endorsed by Right to the City, and come on…the other guy is buddies with developers and literally has Cash in his name. He has a lot of yard signs but she’s got a lot of thoughtful, progressive women making up her grassroots campaign. Including me!


Michelle Wu

She’s the only current sitting city councilor I’m voting for. I met her on a hot day at the Allston-Brighton parade and she floated gracefully through the parade without breaking a sweat, than came by for a great interview with Monica Cannon-Grant. She made it clear she’s focused on economic mobility, social justice and genuinely cares about the people she represents. 

Julia Meija

I first heard Julia on The Young Jurks a few weeks ago, and of course was inspired and excited to vote for her. She’s Afro-Latina and grew up poor, I think she’s going to help people who have been ignored too long. Her campaign focuses on fixing the problems of rampant gentrification and income-inequality. She’s endorsed by Ayanna Presley and I want to see her as part of a new progressive #Squad on City Council.

David Halbert

One of my favorite things about him is his focus on transparency, accountability and public safety oversight. He’s going to hold the BPD accountable for their violence towards the communities they are supposed to protect, and it’s about time. 

Alejandra St. Guillen

Another woman who brings social justice to the forefront of her platform which means she’s going to listen to underrepresented communities, poor people and renters. Would love to see her squad up with Michelle and Julia at City Hall. 


Ben Simon

This race is really important to me. I got involved with Ben’s campaign early when he started talking about an issue close to my heart. WEMF. We used to do The Young Jurks out of that space, and I found a home and a community there. Until it got bought out. Developers have been buying everything in Cambridge and its hurting local artists, activists and friends. Ben is my friend, and he’s going to fight the hardest against the developers that are ruining Cambridge and pushing us out!