Pats Parade, booze, blood & T delays

Mayor Walsh calls it, "An amazing day"

Photo: Jennifer Thomsön, Red Line train at 10:30am on Patriots Parade Day.

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Patriots Parade Day in Boston had it all, violent brawls, 14 arrests, massive MBTA commuter delays, and gross fans relieving “themselves into bottles” while others left “foul puddles (of urine) on the train floor”.

Despite Boston Mayor Martin Walsh’s pleadings for fans to act responsibly, to not toss beers to the team on the parade route, Patriots players with their young children along for the ride, were not surprisingly dodging them all day, and then it happened, Gronk and others “bleeding all over” wounded by zealous zeros throwing beverages to their idols. The kids were luckily not harmed, NECN reported, “Tom Brady's daughter almost hit by can during Patriots Super Bowl Parade”.

An Amazing Day.

Boston’s Mayor Martin Walsh, the mastermind behind the parade tweeted proudly.

Replying to Walsh on twitter, some understandably were decidedly less enthusiastic about the celebration.  

Walsh offered no twitter response and certainly didn’t accept any of the responsibility for it in the following days.

“We told people no drinking in the streets.” the Mayor defending himself on WGBH’s Boston Public Radio, BPR show.

A lot of good that did.

More surprising, City Councilors Ed Flynn and Josh Zakim haven’t raised any concerns about the rowdy Pats celebration. Zakim like Walsh praised the parade on his social media, which is very curious since both Flynn and Zakim along with Walsh hammered on the much tamer MassCann/NORML Boston Freedom Rally AKA Hempfest this last September.

"Hempfest is an event that regularly draws complaints from surrounding neighbors and visitors to the area", City Councilors Zakim and Flynn wrote then in a request for a public hearing.

Walsh said the (Boston Freedom) Rally left an “appalling mess” on the Boston Common.

Flynn was fearful of the “quality of life issues” the (Boston Freedom) rally imposes on nearby neighborhoods and complained about “the trash left littered”.

It’s worth noting, in order to receive their annual permit from the city, the Boston Freedom Rally pays for cleanup, Park Rangers, porta-potties and other security requirements. The Freedom Rally unlike the sports parades has no history of violence nor issues of mass public drinking on every corner, and being held on a weekend the MBTA strain is completely avoided.

MassCann/NORML, in response to Zakim and Flynn, have even offered further potential concessions to the city.

Changing the Parade to a weekend?

As the Mayor tells it, the Pats players go home a few days after the season is over and many are not likely to attend if the parade is held on the following weekend. For Walsh not inconveniencing players and the Patriots organization is more important than protecting commuters and citizens.

Which is clearly backwards, James Aloisi of Commonwealth Magazine summed it up  best with this headline, “Weekday sports victory parades have to stop, If the Patriots want to celebrate, let the team foot the bill”.

Just like MassCann and everybody else not named Kraft and Henry already do.    

In another Walsh Patriots Parade PR blunder, the city of Boston fined a handful of restaurants for opening their patios without a permit and then Walsh seemed to think that the restaurants should have foreseen the 60 degree temps in February and asked for a single day permit with one day notice on the parade date. Because it’s a known fact the city of Boston acts quickly when issuing permits..

Not forgiving the restaurants, The Mayor laid blame, revealing his real beef with the patio scafflows while answering on the BPR show, “to complain about it publicly, I don’t understand that.”

“No sympathy for that (the restaurants)?” BPR host Jim Braude followed up.


No sympathy. Especially if you are publicly complaining.

Welcome to Marty’s Boston.

The New England Patriots press office did not return a request for comment.

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