Liz Warren gets hammered over Michelob Ultra

Herald loves the way Charlie Baker drinks his Guinness

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker knows how to drink a beer.

“It was wonderful. It was great,” Baker gushed to the Boston Herald about a pint of Guinness that he drank at a South Boston campaign stop in 2014, bro Baker spent $200 “of his own money” on a round for Pats fans. The Herald liked Charlie’s beer drinking skills so much they had to mention this was the norm for him in “off-campaign years” the drinking of beer at a bar, so it was all good, the Governor “didn’t just lug his pint of Guinness around as a media prop either.” Even though that’s exactly what he was doing in Southie that day. At a pre-planned campaign event, with his “own money”.

The consensus Boston media narrative was, Charlie is a great guy that you can drink a beer with. None of the “Baker drinks Guinness” puff pieces ever mentioned that he was also absurdly at the same time stating that “cannabis legalization sends a bad message to children.”

Because Charlie has mad drinking beer skills and beer is a good campaign prop.

Unless your name is Elizabeth Warren.

When Elizabeth Warren drinks a Mic Ultra in 2019, the same Boston Herald calls her “bogus”, that she went “full Dukakis”. The author of that Herald column, Jaclyn Cashman goes full Howie Carr on Warren labeling her “la-di-dah”, “erstwhile Harvard elitist” “an extra oaky chardonnay kind of lady.”

With “Her poor husband….befuddled” and ‘not fully clued in on the stunt”.

All this over Warren drinking a boring Michelob Ultra on live video.

Cashman continues the assault on Warren who she claims is,  “trying to pretend she is something she is not. This time, an average beer-drinking American.” And that she like President Obama is “awkward” while drinking.

The leader of Massachusetts or the United States, it’s just about how they drink the beer, Charlie is smooth, Obama and Warren, awkward.

Who cares that the Governor went out of his way to get press there while he drank his draught at a pre-planned campaign event? While being against cannabis for adults?

Charlie has skills, he looks good while drinking a beer.

Guinness is way cooler than Liz’s Michelob Ultra! Michelob Ultra, what is that a girly drink?

If it had only been a Sam Adams or a Guinness or perhaps a hipster, P.B.R., a Pabst Blue Ribbon.

But then that would have been extra fraudulent?

Fraudulent like calling Charlie Baker “the man” because he drank a beer and then not mentioning he’s against legal cannabis for adults! And then slamming Warren because she chose a girly drink? Am I right, Boston Herald?


Jaclyn Cashman did not return a request for comment.