Haverhill shows big support for dispensary

Mark’s Deli standout draws crowd and media

Haverhill supports cannabis dispensary, this Young Jurks podcast features many Haverhill residents speaking and honking their car, truck and scooter horns in support of a downtown cannabis dispensary at a rally that we called for and held on Saturday. Dozens of attendees waved signs over the 90 minute standout across the street from Mark’s Deli, one of three local businesses that are suing the city to stop the downtown Stem cannabis shop from opening. Supporters of the dispensary that joined us on Saturday included two Haverhill city council candidates, Nick Golden and Douglas Edison.

Bringing many locals out, Haverhill Citizens for Women Owned Businesses!!!!

Also joining us from the 420 community, Haverhill’s own, Andrew Mutty, a micro cannabis applicant himself in the City of Lowell and Maia Jolicoeur with Sensi Magazine.

Thank you WHAV, The Eagle Tribune, and the Boston Globe’s “This Week in Weed” newsletter for featuring our cause.

Join us and contact your Haverhill city councilors to ask them to support Stem’s special permit to open downtown, the special permit hearing is being held on Tuesday, June 18th, at 7pm, Haverhill City Hall. Hope to see you there!

Links: WHAV & The Eagle Tribune